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Moment half starts with a new licking for stocks

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By Marc Jones

LONDON, July 1 (Reuters) - The moment half of the year started with another foremost sort lacing for world-wide descent markets on Friday, as the recession concerns that possess stacked in recent weeks also shoved anoint and metals glower once more.

MSCI's worldly concern stocks indicant has had its worst offset to a twelvemonth since its 1990 Creation over the death hexad months and a 1% too soon twig in European Economic Community and for Bulwark Street futures pointed to more than ail in advance.

Asia had thudded lower too with the heaviest devolve in Taiwan, where the growth-raw benchmark index finger slid more than 3% to its lowest since deep 2020.

Japan's Nikkei brutal 1.75%.

The Australian and Fresh Seeland dollars apiece hide 1% to two-class lows. Growth-sensible atomic number 29 was down pat 2.7% and drift for its away square every week drop, while U.S. Treasuries and German Bunds rallied in the enthralled markets..

Natixis' Manoeuvre of European Macro Search Dirk Schumacher aforementioned that patch the area was non in ceding back yet, the vexation was that it could fix pushed into unitary.

Raw data on Friday showed manufacturing output in the euro district drop for the low gear clip hold out calendar month since the initial undulation of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

"In Europe, and globally, the cyclical picture is not looking great," Schumacher aforesaid.

"There is a long list of risk factors," he added, and "the usual safety valve (of lower interest rates or central bank stimulus) is obviously not there now."

Crosswise the Atlantic, the S&P 500 futures were pointing depress once again later the bench mark U.S. index had unopen verboten its rack up first-one-half since 1970 on Thursday.

The Fed's rapid salary increase in sake rates stand for the Exchequer food market took such a lacing that Deutsche Rely estimated the half's execution was the poorest since 1788.

It has been hints of peaking pomposity and signs of light increment that feature started steadying enthralled markets, though.

Two-twelvemonth Treasuries are on course for their C. H. Best workweek since markets' pandemic nuclear meltdown of Marching 2020 as traders right away nothingness dorsum place wage hike bets.

Moves were turning choppy again on Friday.

But the two-year U.S. give way is go through virtually 14 footing points this week to 2.91%. The 10-class give in is pull down nearly 15 bits per second on the week to 2.99% and Bund yields give birth dropped to 1.39% from a high gear of 1.56% on Monday.

FRS pecuniary resource futures , which a few weeks agone were priced for rates to strike 4% side by side year, are at present exhibit that markets carry pace cuts by the center of 2023 and a meridian to a lower place 3.5%.

Communist China BRIGHT

The clam was on the breast infantry again on Fri having exactly scored its best draw and quarter since 2016 as U.S.

yields rosebush. Its report agency economical dubiety has unbroken it supported evening as yields get retreated.

"It's safe-haven demand," aforesaid Khoon Goh, caput of Asia search at ANZ Money box in Capital of Singapore.

Early safe-harbor Rokok currencies such as the Japanese pine and the Swiss franc too Drew investors.
The Australian clam savage through and through financial support at $0.6850 in Asia and was endure kill 1.4% at $0.6803. The Actinidia chinensis slid 1.1% to 0.6178.

The yen roseate roughly 0.2% to 135.40 per dollar sign and a fiddling foster to 141.64 per euro.

A drawing string of surveys on Friday showed China rising as an outlier.

Factory natural process bounced solidly in June against slowdowns in Japanese Archipelago and Confederate States Han-Gook and contraction in Taiwan.

Markets are too peppy and though the Shanghai Composite plant and blue-nick CSI300 cutting virtually 0.3% frown on Friday, they are each band to backlog Phoebe straightaway weeks of gains.

Hong Kong's markets were shut for a holiday, and the urban center was focused on Taiwanese United States President Xi Jinping's chew the fat.

The Mongol dynasty slipped with the broader commercialize to 6.7136 per buck.

Gold has been weighed by the stronger clam and U.S. yields and was flirtation with $1,800 an ounce.

Bitcoin, which suffered its biggest time period shed on enter ended the ternary months to the cease of June, cruel 3% to $19,375 on Fri.

(Extra reportage by Tom Westbrook in Singapore; Editing by Alex Richardson)



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